Stack, Mix, Style: How to Wear Rings on Multiple Fingers With Confidence

Stack, Mix, Style: How to Wear Rings on Multiple Fingers With Confidence

Wearing rings on multiple fingers is a powerful way to elevate your look and express your personality.

To nail it, you need a harmonious fusion of metals, gemstones and the perfect finger choice.

Explore our guide to curate, style and wear rings on all of your fingers.


Choosing the Right Fingers

According to ancient palmistry, the finger you choose to adorn speaks volumes about your individuality. Choose wisely to make the ultimate statement.

A symbol of authority and high self-esteem, the Index Finger is perfect if you want to invoke a powerful presence.  It exudes confidence when styled with a mix of metals, gemstones, and textures. 
And it’s the ideal finger for a bold statement piece like The Milos Prasiolite Ring in 9kt Yellow Gold.

Sometimes known as the Saturn finger, the Middle Finger is said to amplify grounding earth energies such as discipline, responsibility when dressed with rings.
With its unapologetic length and strength, it’s the perfect canvas to hero a stack of delicate bands.

Or a standout gemstone piece like our Kara Ring.
Stacking tip: If you opt for a statement ring on the Middle Finger, remember to keep the surrounding fingers minimal to give it space to shine. 

The uncontested symbol of romance, the left Ring Finger is traditionally reserved for wedding and engagement rings in Western culture.
But as cultural norms evolve, adorning the Ring Finger has also become a way to express your personal values and spiritual connections.
Whether you’re making a statement of love, or symbolising self, our Victoria Ring Teal Sapphire in 14kt Yellow Gold is a powerful way to elevate this finger.

A symbol of independence and creativity, the Pinky Finger is perfect for moments you want to express yourself.
Our Signet Ring in Gold is a powerful talisman to wear on your pinky finger when you’re seeking to magnetise attention.

A sign of assertiveness and willpower, wearing a ring on your Thumb is a homage to your personal strength and unique way of being.
Rings like our Magma Band in 9kt Solid Gold, 18kt Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver are great options for the Thumb if you want to show the world you walk your own path. 

How Many Rings is Too Many?

While wearing two rings on one hand is more than enough for some people, the beauty of ring styling is that there are no limits. You can choose to wear as many rings on your fingers and hands as you want.

Mixing and Matching Metals.

Playing with a variety of metal tones in your ring selection can add depth and interest to your handscape.

Wear solid gold rings to infuse your fingers with a sense of warmth and opulence. 

Want to enhance the vibration? Try blending yellow gold and rose gold.

Opt for sterling
silver rings to add a modern aesthetic to your handscape and amplify your cool allure.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals if you really want to lionise your distinct style. 

The perfect blend of gold and silver infuses a lavish vibe into your ring stack.

Consider wearing silver on one hand, and gold on the other. 

Or mix gold, rose gold and silver rings on the same hand.


Playing with Gemstones and Birthstones.

Gemstones and birthstones can inject vibrancy and energy to your ring stacking. You can build a multi-coloured semi-precious stone tower to align your chakras and enhance your vibrations.

Baguette Ring available in Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Green Onyx, White Topaz, Ruby, Peridot, Iolite, Citrine, Blue Topaz, Labradorite and Smokey Quartz.

Let celestial Sapphire activate your vision.

Linea Blue Sapphire Ring
Forged Blue Sapphire Band
Woven Band

Add Green Tourmaline for a hint of lush viridescence.

Iris Green Tourmaline Ring

Or evoke peace and tranquillity with Aquamarine. 

Unity Aquamarine Ring
Narrow Linea Band
Enfold Band

Unearth your Unique Style.

Whether you're drawn to the allure of gemstone rings or the simplicity of stacked bands, wearing multiple rings is an art form that allows you to express your true self.

There are no hard and fast rules – only possibilities. 

Stack different styles. Mix your metals. Layer your gems.  

Style for expression. Edit for comfort.

And above all, if you love it, wear it. 


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