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November - Citrine

Citrine, a warm and energizing gemstone with radiant yellow sun-soaked hues, is believed to attract love and happiness and is said to bring joy, abundance, and positive energetic light to its wearer. The perfect gift or meaningful keepsake symbolising enduring love, friendship, and family.

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Marie Earring, Citrine, Gold


Baguette Mini Stud, Citrine, Gold


Baguette Ring, Citrine, Gold


Baguette Lariat, Citrine, Gold


Pear Ring, Citrine, Gold


Marie Bangle, Citrine, Gold


Marie Bangle, Citrine, Silver


Baguette Ring, Citrine, Silver


Baguette Mini Bracelet, Citrine, Gold

Gem, Stack, Rings, Gold, Kerry, Rocks, Jewellery

Gem Stack Rings, Black Onyx, Citrine, Garnet, Gold


Marie Necklace, Citrine, Gold


Teardrop Ring, Citrine, Silver


Teardrop Ring, Citrine, Gold


Winkie Earring, Citrine , Gold


Baguette Mini Bracelet, Citrine, Silver


Solitaire Stud, Citrine, Gold


Mini Kara Ring, Citrine, Gold


Kara Ring, Citrine, 9kt Yellow Gold


Teardrop Necklace, Citrine, Silver

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Baguette Mini Necklace, Citrine, Silver


Mini Kara Ring, Citrine, 9kt Yellow Gold


Gem Stack Rings, Amazonite, Green Onyx, Citrine, Gold


Marie Necklace, Citrine, Silver


Marie Earring, Citrine, Silver