Hearts Aligned: Ellen & Will

Hearts Aligned: Ellen & Will

Welcome to "Hearts Aligned" by Kerry Rocks, a series where we share conversations with those who have given us the honour of playing a small role in their journey together.
As Valentine's Day approaches, we were eager to unveil an authentic love story and Ellen and Will immediately came to mind. Their presence exuded a calming confidence and were deeply in love. Seeking an alternative and understated piece to celebrate their engagement, they resonated with our Ceres Emerald Ring.


Tell us a little bit about yourselves, how you met and what attracted you to one another.

Will and I both work in creative professions. I am a working musician and a Registered Music Therapist (RMT) and Will is also a working musician and an Architect. We both perform regularly and we also share an original project where we collaboratively write, record, arrange and perform our music together with our band.
Will and I both studied music at university together in Sydney. We first met very briefly at one of our performance assessments but our first official meet was when we both got booked on the same gig and then we became good friends.
In terms of attraction, we were just good friends that enjoyed each other's company that later unfolded organically. We both describe it as a strong connection/an unspoken pull between us that we realised later. We also had a strong creative connection which was an added bonus.


How do you love to spend your time together?

Will and I spend a lot of time together but I think our favourite times are the simple moments; being silly together at home, going to the park and looking at all the birds and creatures or going on spontaneous outings. We find the tiniest things amusing and we just enjoy each other's day to day quirkiness. We also really love travelling and playing music with our band.

What is your love language?

My love language is words of affirmation and quality time and Will's is quality time. We are very aligned in our values and what we consider important in life.

What connected you to the Kerry Rocks piece you bought for your partner?

Before getting engaged, I never used to wear rings so I wanted something simple and classic that had more of a symbolic meaning. We chose it together. We wanted an Emerald because it is the May birthstone reminiscent of the month that we got together. May is also my middle name and green is the colour of the heart chakra! I didn't want a conventional engagement ring, just something I enjoy wearing everyday that makes me feel happy when I look at.

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