How to Layer Necklaces: Ultimate Guide

How to Layer Necklaces: Ultimate Guide

Looking for a layered neckline? We have created a guide to help you ease into the art of necklace layering and discover what style works best for you. 


Is it OK to layer necklaces?

Of course! We design versatile necklaces to be heroed with the intention to layer into a contemporary stack. Layering necklaces allows you to express your style and create unique combinations from your collection. Experiment with different necklaces to compliment your personality


How many necklaces should you layer?

There is no limit. The number of necklaces you would like to layer depends on the type of look you are going for. Whether it be minimalistic or bold, layer to your desire.

Our signature looks compile 2 or 3 necklaces. We recommend this balanced number to suit all necklines.



What chain styles can I use to layer?

Varying weights and textures of chains can add extra dimension and dynamic interest to your neckline. These classic silhouettes can be worn together or paired with your focal pieces.

Our bestselling chains feature classic designs that can easily layer over other necklaces


The Snake Chain: Saturn Chain 

The Link Chain: Argos Chain

The Cable Link Chain: Verona Chain

The PaperClip Chain: Ios Chain | Ancona Chain



Argos Chain
| Saturn Chain | Rhombus Necklace


What is the trick for layering necklaces?

In order to create a cohesive and balanced look, our trick is to pair together complementary styles or create contrast with chunky and delicate pieces together. Experiment with different textures, gemstones and chain lengths to create innovative looks from your necklace collection. 

A great tip for when you are unsure of where to start is to choose one necklace that you would like the focus to be around. Then pair it with pieces that accentuate and draw attention to the first necklace.

Staggering each necklace by a few centimetres allows each piece to stand out. Alternatively, you can have 2 chains of the same length to create a chunky mix



What is the best length for layering necklaces?

Depending on your body shape different lengths can vary on where the necklace will sit


36cm-41cm: Chokers and collar necklaces sit higher up and snug around the neck. Having these styles higher up on the neck and closest to your face, it helps highlight your facial features.

40cm-50cm: these lengths are the most versatile lengths for layering chains, pendant necklaces and lariats. These necklaces will fall somewhere between the collarbone and mid chest. This length helps elongate your torso and can especially accentuate a top with a V neckline.

90cm: Long beaded necklaces. These will usually fall under your bust and around the abdomen area. Depending on the exact length, these chains can wrap around the neck a few times and be worn as a simple and cohesive layering look. 


If you are unsure of what necklace lengths will suit you, measure out its length on a ribbon or string and drape it around your neck to see where the necklace will sit. We offer most of our necklaces in multiple lengths with an extension that can be adjustable by 5cm


Refer to our necklace guide for more


Necklace size guide 

Will my necklace get tangled?

To avoid your layers from being tangled, put on necklaces one at a time. It is helpful when your chains are of different lengths, thicknesses and textures as two delicate chain necklaces have a higher chance of wrapping around each other easily. We have found that it is best to lay your longest necklace first and shortest last. The top layer acts as an anchor for your necklace stack


How do I customise my stack?

Pendants and
birthstone jewellery can be incorporated into your stack to add a personal touch. Change up the look with pendants by adding them to different types of chains and lengths. Introduce a hint of colour from your birthstone to elevate your layers for a unique and personalised look.



Supernova Necklace
| Medallion Pendant


Please note that our suggestions are subjective and there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to layering necklaces. Freely experiment with different necklace styles and combinations to discover what suits you best. 




Don’t forget to share your necklace layers with us on instagram and facebook @kerryrocksjewellery.

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