Ring Size Guide

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Most common sizes Size (US) Size (UK) Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm)
- 3 F 14.07 44.20
- 3.5 G 14.48 45.50
Pinky Small 4 H 14.80 46.80
Pinky Large 4.5 I 15.20 48
- 5.5 K 15.90 50
Ring Finger Small 6 L 16.50 51.20
Ring Finger Average 7 N 17.30 53
Index, Middle Finger and Thumb 8 P 17.90 55.50
- 9 Q 18.30 59.50

We recommend popping into our Paddington store or your local jeweller to get your fingers professionally measured. Please take into account that your ring size will vary depending on the width of the ring.


When choosing a finer band, we recommend the ring to fit snug to ensure it does not slip off. For wider bands, we recommend to go up one size.

If you are purchasing a ring as a gift, we recommend to borrow an existing ring that can be brought into our studio to match their size with the ring. Alternatively, you can measure the diameter (the inner width) yourself.


You can measure the inner width of the ring by laying the ring on top of a ruler and measure the widest distance inside the ring from inner edge to inner edge. Round to the nearest whole millimetre.


We recommend to measure your finger size in moderate temperatures as our fingers can swell in the heat and shrink in the cold.

You can measure the circumference of your finger by using a ring sizing gauge. If you would like one, contact us to receive a complimentary sizing gauge with any purchase (within Australia).


If your size is unavailable online, please contact us to discuss making one for you, or the possibilities of resizing the item.