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Delos Choker, Gold


Delos Choker, Silver


Veneto Sleeper, Gold


Veneto Sleeper, Silver


Chevron Cuff, Silver


Chevron Cuff, Gold


Verona Collar, Gold


Verona Choker, Silver


Dual Hoop, Small, Gold


Dual Hoop, Small, Silver


Dual Hoop, Large, Gold


Dual Hoop, Large, Silver


Eris Collar Necklace, Silver


Eris Collar Necklace, Gold

Fine, Heart, Necklace, Gold, Kerry, Rocks, Jewellery

Fine Heart Necklace, Gold


Bamboo Hoop, Medium, Gold


Bamboo Hoop, Medium, Silver


Bamboo Hoop, Large, Gold


Bamboo Hoop, Large, Silver


Ancona Chain, Gold


Ancona Chain, Silver


Turino Hoop, Gold


Turino Hoop, Silver


Amalfi Hoop, Gold


Amalfi Hoop, Silver


Omicron Chain, Gold


Omicron Chain, Silver


Argos Chain, Gold