Serene Aquamarine: March’s Signature Birthstone

Serene Aquamarine: March’s Signature Birthstone

When it comes to zodiac birthstones, few possess the allure and tranquillity of the blue beryl gemstone, Aquamarine. Read on as we reveal the energies and stories powering this precious gem.


Aquamarine: The Breath Stone.

Evoking the tranquil depths of the ocean, Aquamarine’s crystalline blue is an invitation to inhale calm and serenity. Like a breath of fresh air, its azure healing properties cleanse and revitalise, renewing the heart and nurturing intuition.
Also known as the sacred stone of Neptune, this blue beauty is a coveted good luck stone and talisman for truth with a long history filled with legends of protection and longevity.
A poetic interpretation of the waters it’s named after, Aquamarine reflects wisdom, embodies deep communication, and reveals the path forward.


The Birthstone for March.

If you’re born in March or under the zodiac sign of Pisces (20th February – 20th March), Aquamarine is your most aligned birthstone.

With watery blue hues connected to the throat chakra, its power transcends beauty to amplify the innate strengths and expressive qualities inherent in March-born Piceans.

Like the gentle ebb and flow of the tides, its energy is a soothing companion for anyone navigating life under the cosmic influence of Pisces.

Did you know? In Ancient Rome, birthstones were woven into the celestial tapestry of the zodiac, not the months of the year as they are today. Other Pisces birthstones include Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Jade and Clear Quartz.


Is Aquamarine rare?

Aquamarine owes much of its allure to its geographical rarity.

Forged in bodies of magma in the depths of granite pegmatites, the stones’ unparalleled blue colour and captivating pleochroic nature make it the 27th rarest gemstone on Earth.

Although it is more abundant than other birthstones like January’s garnet, Aquamarine’s exceptional clarity makes it one of the most expensive and sought after gemstones in our collection.


Who can wear Aquamarine?

While Aquamarine blue aligns with the natural energies of people born in March or under Pisces, its calming vibrations make it an affirming stone for anyone seeking clarity, emotional balance and enhanced communication.

Trying to find your way through change or simply seeking inner peace? Aquamarine can ease the journey.

Celebrating your 19th wedding anniversary? This sacred gemstone honours the deep emotions and commitment of a union spanning nearly two decades.


Elevate Your Style with Aquamarine Jewellery.

Whether you’re drawn to its oceanic blue tones, or embracing it as your birthstone, adorning yourself in Aquamarine jewellery is a powerful way to embrace its calming presence.

Wear Aquamarine rings and wrist wear as a reminder of your inner strength and resilience.

Linea Aquamarine Ring in 9kt Yellow Gold


Baguette Aquamarine Bracelet in 9kt Yellow Gold



Or style Aquamarine earrings and raw stone necklaces to symbolise the things you want to manifest in your life, like protection, communication and peace.

Winkie Aquamarine Earring in 9kt Yellow Gold


Dimitra Aquamarine Necklace in 9kt Yellow Gold



Want to unlock Aquamarine’s serene power? 

Experiment with these affirmations while wearing your Aquamarine jewellery:

“I flow with ease and grace”

“I am at peace”

“I see my path clearly”

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