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Drawing inspiration from all the women Kerry has connected with throughout the years, this gift guide captures the essence of each of those women through a careful curation of handcrafted jewellery. 
Discover gifts to compliment her identity. All jewellery from this guide are featured in our Gifting Edit.
She is grounded and confident. She exudes vibrant energy through an ensemble of varying pieces that compliment her free spirited nature. A true embodiment of self expression.



She invites curiosity and experiments with a fusion of different elements. Vibrations of harmonious chaos reflect within her style.


Amplified by her innate timeless and alluring persona, she resonates with refined pieces that transcend time and enhance her natural beauty.




Subtle and effortless. Reveled in the simplicity of fine jewellery, she gravitates towards clean lines and quality craftsmanship, echoing her inner self and personal style.


One of a Kind.

Illuminated with the earth’s precious gemstones, she embraces singularity and authenticity through her affinity of intricate, handcrafted designs. Truly is unique and one of a kind.


She makes a powerful statement evoking a true sense of self. Her captivating presence inspires others to embrace their own unique identity.  

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