Euphoric Beauty: Everything you need to know about Pink Tourmaline

Euphoric Beauty: Everything you need to know about Pink Tourmaline

Powerfully present and unmistakably feminine, Pink Tourmaline radiates an elemental energy that goes beyond its alluring colour.
Just one in an opulent spectrum of tourmaline hues (including blue, green, black and juicy watermelon), this semi-precious gemstone is effortlessly captivating.
Here’s everything you need to know about Pink Tourmaline; and how its natural charm will elevate your jewellery collection.

So Pink it's Powerful

From blushing rose to bold magentas, Pink Tourmaline offers an irresistible range of pink toned gems - each arising from a unique interplay of trace elements such as manganese, iron and chromium.
Its luscious strawberry hues, once a symbol of femininity, nostalgia and love, are now synonymous with confidence, self-expression, and inclusivity, making it a coveted choice for gem lovers.

A Magnetic Energy

Pink Tourmaline is more than a gem, it’s an energetic awakening.
Here to ignite your spirit, the gems’ energy is all about opening your heart chakra, turning up the volume on self-love and purifying your space.
A magnet for love, joy, and positive vibrations, it makes a blissfully bold statement for anyone who wears it: I radiate positivity and attract joy.

Is Pink Tourmaline a Birthstone?

Yes. One of two multi-coloured birthstones for October, Pink Tourmaline empowers the creative and harmonious energies of the zodiac star-sign Libra.
Known as the muse’s stone, it’s said to stimulate the imagination and arouse the vibrant Libran personality - unleashing their charisma and grace.
Its’ association with enduring love, affection and emotional balance also makes it the perfect gem for couples celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary.

The Raw Truth Behind the Price Tag

Pink Tourmaline is a gemstone that’s in high demand. But is it worth the investment?
Absolutely. Beyond its visual allure and undeniable vibe, this semi-precious stone tells a tale of exclusivity.
Like other more expensive members of the tourmaline family (such as Rubellite and Paraiba), Pink Tourmaline is a rarity sourced from the depths of Brazil, Afghanistan, and Nigeria. And it’s that eye-catching rarity that demands a premium.
The gemstones’ durability (boasting a ranking of 7/7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale) also adds to its value. This robustness ensures that each piece of Pink Tourmaline jewellery, whether adorning a necklace, gracing a ring, accenting earrings, or strung on a bracelet, remains both breathtaking and enduring throughout the years.

How to Wear your Pink Tourmaline Jewellery

The versatile tones of Pink Tourmaline invite a world of styling possibilities that transcend trends and eras.
We love it set against rose gold and yellow gold to enhance the warmth of the gemstone.
Make a lasting statement with Kerry Rocks’ oval-cut pink tourmaline Leone Ring

While cooler sterling silver settings create a striking contrast that allows the stone’s vivid pinks to take centre stage.
The Pink Tourmaline Winkie Bracelet in Silver is a refined piece for a minimal look.
Want to amplify the gems’ allure? Pair it with lustrous gemstones like diamonds, or stones in a complementary colour palette like morganite or amethyst.

Why we Love Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a cherished choice of our Founder - Australian gemologist and jewellery designer, Kerry Beard.

Kerry says:
“I love designing jewellery with Pink Tourmaline. Whether it’s cabochon polished, emerald cut or finely faceted, there’s something really special about the energy it brings to each piece. It’s like an instant injection of positivity.”

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