Stones for New Beginnings

Stones for New Beginnings

We take this opportunity to focus on the stones that ground and positively energise us moving into the new year. These chosen stones are symbolic of unleashing your fullest potential and intuition to guide you towards new beginnings.


 Instilled with shades of deep blue, Kyanite exudes oneness and peace. It is a powerful purifier that cuts through fear and connects you to a continuous stream of clear thoughts, bridge conversations and restore balance.


Alight with fire, its brilliant flashes of sun energy ignites insight into the new year ahead. Opal will kindle your vision and elevate your intuition.  


Mirroring the deep verdigris colours of the Amazon River, Amazonite brings truth, strength and courage. Amazonite is a source of inspiration that encourages the release of the past offering a serene amulet to those who seek calming vibrations. 


Translucent, lush green apple hues revel within the Australian Chrysoprase. Chrysoprase encourages a love of truth and bestows a sense of security and trust as a token of renewal to the wearer. It attracts optimism and stimulates a new life force energy for those who are seeking a fresh start.


Through iridescent wisps of radiant blue, green and gold, Labradorite is symbolic of transformation, positive change and new possibilities. An ancient healer that will awaken your intuition and unleash your full potential into the new year ahead.

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