Empowering Stories: Juliet Hudson - Mother and Meditation Teacher

Empowering Stories: Juliet Hudson - Mother and Meditation Teacher

Welcome to Kerry Rocks’ Empowering Stories, where we share conversations with the powerful women who inspire us to live life on our own terms. They’re real, they’re raw, and they’re beautiful. 
In the lead-up to Mother’s Day, we had an illuminating chat with Vedic Meditation Teacher (and mother) Juliet Hudson. So, take a deep breath with us and read on as Juliet shares her empowering journey from corporate burnout to meditation teacher, and a special message about the importance of self-care for mothers.

MINDFUL MOTHERHOOD: A Journey to Self and Connection

Finding moments of peace and relaxation in the beautiful mess of motherhood can seem like an elusive task. But for Juliet Hudson, the answer lies in an ancient, transformative practice that changed her life. 

When Juliet first discovered meditation, she was looking for a way to counter the stress of city living in New York. And it fast became a lifeline out of stress and fatigue to a happier, healthier version of herself.

Years later, as a self-confessed, stressed-out corporate mum in Australia, she turned to Vedic Meditation. At a time when even small tasks required superhuman effort, the practice helped her reset, restore and rejuvenate. And she never looked back.

Now, the Paddington local teaches others how to incorporate this powerful tool into their own lives. From busy CEOs to harried parents, athletes to creatives, students and entrepreneurs (including our Founder and Gemologist Kerry Beard), Juliet is dedicated to helping others find inner calm and connection. 


Juliet, what does femininity and motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood and my femininity are intimately connected. How I experience and express my energy in everyday life is directly related to the amount of joy, pleasure and presence I feel in motherhood and beyond.

It can be so rewarding and enjoyable. But modern society puts a lot of pressure on mothers to do it all and have it all without a village to support them. And that can make motherhood difficult to navigate.

My experience with burnout provided me with an invitation to examine the role I was creating for myself as a mother. I discovered that activating more of my feminine allowed me to enjoy an easier and more vibrant motherhood. When I nurture the parts of myself that are trusting, intuitive, creative, and compassionate, I become more open to the present, happiness and deep connection with my husband and children. The load feels lighter. I’m better able to go with the flow and adapt to the ever-changing needs of my children while feeling full and energised.

It’s said that motherhood is a spiritual practice in itself. How does Vedic Meditation cultivate a deeper understanding of this phase of life?

Motherhood really is an intense spiritual practice. One that requires the mastery of surrender.   As a mother, the practice of surrender begins from the very moment we conceive. Our bodies are devoted to creating a human. As our children grow, we surrender our time, energy, attention and mental space. We surrender who we once were to become the mother we are now. We surrender our ideas of who our children are and what they will become so they can explore and flourish as their own beings.  In the Vedic worldview, this act of surrender with devotion is known as ‘Surrender to the Feet’. It’s an active and conscious letting go of our individual preference to soften and open to the present moment. When we embrace life in this way, we find greater flow. 

How do you stay committed to your meditation practice?

My daily meditation practice is a non-negotiable part of being truly well and happy inside of my busy life. I'm dedicated and devoted because it’s the antidote to stress, tension and fatigue. And it’s the key to accessing more of my higher qualities more often. When I meditate, I’m way more present and can really enjoy what’s right in front of me.

What words of wisdom do you have for other women looking to experience a more vibrant motherhood?

Life as a mother can be such a challenging balance. We wear so many hats! But it’s important to honour and enjoy your own process.
*You’re doing your best, so be kind and gentle with yourself.
*It’s ok to feel like you can't do it all. Asking for support brings relief and space.
*You can re-assess, slow down and move with more intention through your days.
*Decide what’s most important for you and prioritise that.
*Do it well and delegate or simply let the other stuff go. 

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