Gemstone Insight: Moonstone - The Stone of New Beginnings

Gemstone Insight: Moonstone - The Stone of New Beginnings


The finest Moonstones are found in Sri Lanka and India. Our moonstone collection was sourced directly from Gemcutters in India, during the years Kerry was based in Jaipur.


Moonstone is a naturally occurring mineral belonging to the feldspar family -  a mineral group characterised by the presence of alumni and silica in their chemsitry. It is formed when the two minerals - orthoclase and albite - solidify from magma to stone, created only under intense heat and pressure. The differing melting temperatures of the two minerals cause them to separate and form minute, alternating layers when merging together. This natural process is how this unique  gemstone gains it’s luminous shimmer, also known as adularescence. The nature in which the light then reflects off these layers is how the powerful glow of the moonstone is amplified. 


Moonstone is formed in an array of colours and transparencies, from semi transparent to completely opaque. The mineral is renowned for its adularescent nature, with its core body colours varying extensively. As this is one of Kerry’s favorite stones, we love to work with all colours  and varieties of Moonstone. 


Different varieties of moonstone vary in rarity. The finer the mineral particles which form the moonstone are, the more rare the stone. Whilst some of the lower quality stones are relatively common, large quantities of this fine moonstone are unlikely to occur, making this variety of moonstone quite extraordinary. The rarest form of moonstone is of a transparent and luminous blue.


Moonstone will last a lifetime if it is handled with care. It has a MOHs hardness scale of 6.0 to 6.5 - this is a form of measurement which ranks the resistance to wear of a mineral.  


Moonstone is said to be a stone of dreams. Intuition and new beginnings incarnated, this iridescent stone with shifting silvery hues harmonises the natural rhythms of life. Igniting pure potential, its seraphic energy bridges dreams and reality.

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