Pearl earrings

Gemstone Insight: Pearl - The Gemstone of the Sea


The main varieties of pearls heroed in our designs are Keshi and Freshwater pearls. 

Our Pearl collection has been gathered over a lifetime of travel around the world, our primary locations for sourcing these gems are Hong Kong, where freshwater pearls are most commonly grown, and Rarotonga, which is renown for growing natural black pearls. When selecting pearls, we look for luster, clarity of surface and brightness of colour.


Freshwater pearls are formed in all mollusks found in freshwater environments. The formation process of a pearl can take anywhere between 6 months to 3 years and occurs when a trigger such as a grain of sand or shell works its way into the mollusk and causes a liquid, most commonly called Nacre, to be over-developed which gradually forms a pearl. 

Keshi Pearls are a rare and highly valuable variety of naturally occurring pearls formed from the nacre produced by an Oyster. They can take up to several years to form and are among the most exotic varieties of pearl, known for their organic shapes and one-of-a-kind attributes.


The colour of a pearl is dependent upon the nacre of the mollusk, which is also known as the Mother of Pearl. The most common naturally occurring colours of Pearl are luminous tones of white and cream.

Black Pearls are formed in a variety of black-lipped mollusk with a thick, black inner shell. Pearls that are formed closer to the inner part of the mollusk’s shell become darker, while those formed toward the opening of the shell become a lighter shade of grey or silver. 

Other naturally occurring colours of pearl include pink, purple, champagne, chocolate, blue and gold. 


The rarity of each Pearl fluctuates depending on the conditions of its formation. Naturally occurring pearls have grown rarer in recent years due to the changing conditions of the ocean, with only about 1 in 10,000 mollusks now producing quality pearls. 


It is commonly known that Pearls can last a lifetime, this is when they are cared for properly as their soft and ethereal surface can be prone to scratches. Pearls rank 2.5/4.5 on the MOHs hardness scale - this is a form of measurement which ranks the resistance to wear of a mineral.  


For thousands of years, the iridescent gem from the sea has symbolised purity and elegance. Its smooth, ethereal appearance is a metaphor for perfection. In Ancient Greece, the moonlike orb was honoured for its’ ability to invoke desire and passion.

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