The Evolution of Kerry Rocks

The Evolution of Kerry Rocks

Kerry Rocks is evolving with an empowered new brand identity, inspired by the magnetism of gemstones.

Our Truth.

"We had a crystal clear vision of what our brand can be and what was needed for us to show up authentically in the world, empower the feminine and elevate our business," says Kerry Rocks Founder and Gemologist, Kerry Beard.
"I've travelled the world sourcing one-of-a-kind gems and crafting them into powerful jewellery for decades. And in that time I keep coming back to two truths.
The first: like humans, no two stones are the same. Each is undeniably unique and multi-layered, with a depth and story that goes well beyond its beauty.
And the second: I am constantly evolving - as a woman, as a jeweller, and as a brand.
Our new identity is an ode to these truths."

Honouring our Past.

We are who we are today because of the paths we've taken, the choices we've made, the people we've loved.
Forever etched in our story is Kerry's late great love, Mexican-born jeweller and mineral hunter José Becerra.
Jose was, and still is, Kerry's greatest inspiration.
His talent, creativity and spirit continue to energise her designs. And his legacy lives on in the countless gemstones they collected together that take centre stage in Kerry's consciously crafted pieces.

Harnessing our Power.

The evolved Kerry Rocks brand is the ultimate expression of our naturally powerful jewellerv.
Designed to feel like its cut from stone, our new logo mark strikes a beautiful balance between grunge and sophistication with customised letterforms that echo the quirks, imperfections and story of gemstones.
Our geometric brand mark reinforces the symbolism of stone by boldly framing our signature letters K and R in a rhombus shaped gemstone design. The two dots on either side representing duality - the push and pull of gemstone energy; the sun and the moon; the past and the future; the jewellery and the wearer.
Set against rich, earthy tones it looks and feels like refined luxury.

Rocking our Nature.

We call it bold sophistication. Effortlessly cool, unwaveringly authentic.
Bringing our own energy to every situation.
Daring to be ourselves.
Owning our beauty.
Revering our stones.
Kerry Rocks. Naturally Powerful Jewellery.
Follow @kerryrocksiewellery to watch the evolution unfold.

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