Five Minutes with Kerry Beard

Five Minutes with Kerry Beard

Kerry Rocks is Sydney’s premiere local jewellery destination for everything from vibrant gemstone-embellished statement pieces to fine, minimalist designs. At the helm is Kerry Beard, a qualified gemologist and native Sydneysider, whose dedication to jewellery spans a lifetime. Her work is inspired by a whirlwind of international influences, courtesy of the many years Kerry spent living overseas, honing her craft.
Today we are spending five minutes with Kerry Beard herself, the founder of Kerry Rocks - where we take a look into her earlier years and where it all began.

How did your love affair for gemstones and jewellery come about? 

During my 6 month travel tour of India in 1996 - I discovered Jaipur, the pink city of India. It felt like I landed in Aladdins cave. A city bursting with culture, filled with gemstone markets & exotic jewellery, I was hooked. I was introduced to a silversmith who offered me his workshop to create my first collection if I was to return to Jaipur. I since returned to Sydney where I studied gemmology over the following two years, with a plan to return and begin my label ~ Kerry Rocks. I went to spend the next 4 years living in Jaipur learning about gemstone and jewellery manufacturing, I have since been cutting gems in Jaipur with several small lapidary workshops.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

After spending several years of my childhood in Bali and then almost 3 decades in a multitude of countries such as Greece, India and New York - I discovered the ancient hand-crafting techniques of carving, granulation & filigree. The combination of gold & lapis lazuli felt so luxurious. Traditional architecture and culture intertwined into so many possibilities of jewels. A year in New York is where I refined my bohemian aesthetic, here you'll see a lot of bohemian inspiration in my designs. I treasure my history and personal grasp on what it means to be a craftswoman.  

How would you describe your mission statement?

 The core of Kerry Rocks ethos is founded upon remaining a small local business and supporting small business. We are conscious in minimising our environmental footprint by producing in small quantities and curate the highest quality jewels ~ providing sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and support of local businesses.

Describe your signature gemstone look? 

I’m all about layering! Multiple Golden chains layered with a colour pop string of high quality gemstone beads. Ears - I love layers of bold gold hoops or finer hoops with layers of colourful charms. Rings - Layers of decorative golden bands, with a focal birthstone ring ~ mine is Aquamarine.

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