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Christmas & New Year Break

We will be closed from the 24th December until the 9th January 2022.
Any orders placed during this time will be shipped out to customers on Monday 10th January 2022.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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January - Garnet

Garnet, an enchanting gemstone in deep crimson hues, has rich connections to creativity, serenity, and love, and represents fire and light assuring the wearer of love and faithfulness. The perfect present for the one you love most symbolising unity, love and friendship.


February - Amethyst

Amethyst, known for its rich deep violet hues and legendary grounding powers, is a powerful and protective stone that brings calmness and clarity. It is said to inspire selflessness, spiritual wisdom and assists the wearer to understand their dreams and subconscious. A lasting gift to create cherished memories symbolising forever friendship and love. 


March - Aquamarine / Amazonite

Amazonite and Aquamarine are the birthstones for March. Both gemstones recognizable for their glimmering blue-green hues, evoke feelings of tranquillity, calmness, and the purity of water. These gemstones promote truth and hope, whilst drawing peace and harmony to the wearer. These beautiful blue gemstones will always withstand the test of time.


April - Diamond / White Topaz

Diamonds and White Topaz are the birthstones for March. Coveted for their radiant sparkle, and clear transparent clarity, these gleaming gemstones are said to bring peace and tranquillity to its wearer and are a symbol for hope, purity, and truth. These gemstones are destined to withstand the test of time.


May - Emerald / Green Onyx

Emerald and Green Onyx are the birthstones for May. These rich, vibrant, green gemstones showcase the beautiful colour of nature and renewal, and symbolise hope, romance, and new beginnings. The perfect gift or meaningful keepsake give new life to these timeless green gemstones.


June - Moonstone / Pearl

Moonstone and Pearls are the birthstones for June. Renowned for their delicate and ethereal beauty, both gemstones have been linked to intuition, femininity, and purity. It is believed these gemstones assist the wearer in finding hope, happiness, and love. The perfect gift or meaningful keepsake symbolising enduring love, friendship, and family.


July - Ruby / Onyx

Ruby and Red Onyx are the birthstones for July. Both gemstones come in vibrant shades of red and pink; the colours of love and represents love and friendship in all forms and encourages the wearer with hope and courage. The perfect gift or meaningful keepsake to give to someone you love.


August - Peridot / Green Aventurine

Peridot and Green Aventurine are the birthstones for August. The perfect gemstones signifying spring and nature; with the bright lime green hues of Peridot and metallic iridescence from Green Aventurine. These glimmering gemstones have been linked to love, abundance, and compassion and assists the wear to manifest their dreams and desires. A gift to treasure forever!


September - Sapphire

An infinitely desirable gemstone, renowned for its vivid blue hues, Sapphire comes in a kaleidoscope of colours. The stone of wisdom and integrity is believed to bring calm and focus to your mind and restore the balance in your body. The perfect gift for someone special, sapphires will be cherished for years to come.


October - Opal / Tourmaline

Opal and Tourmaline are the birthstones for October. The perfect gemstones for the month of love and compassion; with the radiant Tourmaline and stunning opalescence from Australia White Opals. These glimmering gemstones promote truth and kindness and inspire the wearer with optimism and creativity. A gift to treasure forever!


November - Citrine

Citrine, a warm and energizing gemstone with radiant yellow sun-soaked hues, is believed to attract love and happiness and is said to bring joy, abundance, and positive energetic light to its wearer. The perfect gift or meaningful keepsake symbolising enduring love, friendship, and family.


December - Turquoise/ Blue Topaz / Tanzanite

Tanzanite, Blue Topaz and Turquoise are all birthstones for December. These glimmering gemstones evoke memories of the warmth of summer skies and the cool blue tones of the ocean and are said to bring truth and wisdom to the wearer whilst inspiring creativity and femininity. The perfect gift or meaningful keepsake symbolising enduring love, friendship, and family.