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From $20.00
deco, ring, black, onyx, gold, kerry, rocks, jewellery

Deco Ring, Black Onyx, Gold


Starry Studs, Gold


Pod Duo Earring

$120.00 $60.00

T Bar Necklace, Gold

Forged Hoops Medium, Gold

Forged Hoops Medium, Gold


Blossom Duo Ring, Gold

$105.00 $62.50
Star, Earring, Gold, Kerry, Rocks, Jewellery

Star Earring, Gold

$110.00 $55.00

Medallion Pendant, Large, Elongated Chain, Gold

forged, stack, band, gold ,kerry, rocks, jewellery

Forged Band, Gold


Opal Solitaire Necklace, Gold


Baguette Mini Bracelet, Blue Topaz, Silver

Fez Pendant, Black Onyx, Gold, Kerry, Rocks, Jewellery

Fez Pendant, Black Onyx, Gold

From $229.00

Opal Solitaire Necklace, Silver


Jewel Earring, Green Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Gold

Petal, Stud, Garnet, Rose, Quartz, Gold, Kerry, Rocks, Jewellery

Petal Stud, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Gold

Red Onyx, Morrocan, Inspired, Earring, Gold, Kerry, Rocks,jewellery

Fez Earring, Red Onyx, Gold

Starry, Stud, Silver, Kerry, Rocks, Jewellery

Starry Studs, Silver


Baguette Ring, Green Onyx, Gold


Baguette Mini Necklace, Blue Topaz, Silver


Sorrento Hoop, Gold


Granule Blue Opal Studs, Gold

$179.00 $109.00

Roma Hoop, Gold


Lena Earring, Gold

Claw, Stud, Blue, Topaz, Silver, Kerry, Rocks, Jewellery

Solitaire Stud, Blue Topaz, Silver